Roofing Los Angeles Historic Structure

Historic roof
Roofing Problem: Parking structure (four story) leaks were unresolved for many years. Roofing Contractors were giving the Building Engineer a different answer for each roofer inspecting the site with no clear course to resolve with certainty.
Roofing Answer: We were retained as a Consultant to develop Specifications and obtain bids.
The concrete roof deck limited pinpointing leak origin, yet we observed that the roof leaks were primarily at the perimeter, isolating the issue to scupper drains at the parapet walls, and deteriorated felt underlayment beneath the tile mansard.
The original organic felt tested negative for asbestos content, and was removed. The mission style tile was salvaged for reuse apart from minor handling breakage and the replacement tiles were dispersed to create a uniform appearance. A new polymer modified, self adhesive underlayment was selected for its ability to self seal around fastener penetrations and the tile was reinstalled with a tie wire system to create an economical and extremely durable solution. The project came in so far under budget, Management elected to seal the central main roof area as well, followed by the twelve story main roof areas.

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