Commercial Roofing Management–Cool Roof–Restoration vs Replacement

When roof leaks, repair and maintenance costs, or the threat of increasing roof leaks in sensitive environments increase, building Owners and Managers often conclude “I need a new roof.”

If the building is air conditioned and located in California, the installation will have to comply with theTitle 24 and CRRC “Cool Roof” certification, which also meets LEED standards.

Cool roofs reduce cooling costs in air conditioned buildings, prolong the life of the roofing system, and keep non air conditioned building interiors cooler and more comfortable for workers.

Many replacement choices require removal of the existing system with higher cost, landfill use, risk of weather damage, and debris.

Some restoration systems can be installed with no need to tear off your old roofing, resulting in little or no disturbance to building occupants.

Application of a smooth, seamless roof system is quieter with no heavy equipment, is sustainable and easily maintained–there is no gravel or granules to hide the roof surface.

The system can be upgraded through the years, extending the manufacturer’s warranty and the life of the roof.

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