Roof Warranty Renewal and Extension Can Reduce Cost

Some building owners are surprised to discover their new roof costs less than anticipated. Cold process, fluid applied reinforced roof systems can be eligible for “warranty renewal” or extension, for an additional ten (10) years, at reduced cost. The asphalt emulsion and polyester reinforcement beneath the reflective white surfacing is left unchanged. New white surfacing is reapplied after correcting surface defects. Waterways and drains are reinforced with polyester fabric and acrylic surfacing.

This particular roof has excellent roof slope, good drainage, and two (2) plies of polyester reinforcement fabric set in cold processed asphalt emulsion during the original application, hence it was an ideal candidate for resurfacing.

Main low slope roof areas, as well as small lower level front sections were included in the scope of the Work.

Shopping Center Roof

Loose sections, sump drains, pipe flashings,and waterways were repaired and reinforced with polyester fabric, prior to resurfacing.

Roof membrane repair

Roof preparation includes power washing to remove surface contaminants, and provide a clean surface to facilitate proper adhesion of new materials.

Power Wash Roof

Drain sumps are considered “waterways.” Polyester reinforcement fabric and acrylic surfacing is extended beneath the clamping rings into the drain bowls.

Roof drain detail

Appropriate protection is used to avoid over spray on to adjoining surfaces, such as this stucco wall. Notice in the distance, the metal coping joints at the wall tops were also reinforced and sealed.

Roof Spray Protection

Surfacing is applied in two passes using cross directions for complete coverage. It is essential that correct material quantities are applied. A slightly textured “eggshell” surface appearance should be visible on completion.

Fluid applied roof coating

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